Paulo Corazza

Cabreúva-SP · Brazil (55)(11) 97281-3500

I am 26 years old and I am Programmer since 2018, I started with mobile development where I have 2 apps published in the PlayStore and today I work with web-based technologies. I am a Linux user, Windows, MacOS and Android. Lover of good old Rock and Roll and coffee. I'm a São Paulo Football Club fan , Not necessarily in that order, except the Coffee because if it was not the coffee you would not be seeing My bio now.

Hello, world!

var name = 'Paulo Corazza'

var job = 'developer'

alert ("Hello ! I'm ") + name ("and i'm " + job);


Junior Developer

At InnovareTI i worked as junior web developer, using HTML, CSS, JS , Bootstrap, I also learned Vue.js as frontend framework. We Used Laravel as back-end framework and mysql database.

From March 2018 To October 2018

Infomation Technology Assistant

At the FTB & Tramar group, I provided support to users on the use of computers and network and servers (Windows Server - Active Directory).

From June 2016 to March 2018

Information Technology Assistant

At Guedes, I worked in the maintenance of computers, maintenance and administration of the ERP system.

From October 2015 to July 2016


I worked assisting the consumers and commercializing products for the Civil Construction.

September 2014 to October 2015


I worked with the translation of machinery manuals , translating from English to Portuguese

From April 2013 to January 2014



Centro Universitário Nossa Senhora do Patrocínio - Salto,SP

Bachelor in Computer Sciences
From 2016 Final scheduled for 2019

High School

Colégio Objetivo - Itu,SP

From 2008 to 2010


I'm Native in Portuguese and i have english as my second language


Wizard - Cabreúva-SP

At Wizard I studied English from 2007 to 2011, I learned about grammar and conversation. I consider myself among intermediate and advanced, and can maintain a good dialogue, read and write texts.








Programming Langiages and Tools &Tools


    Operating Systems


    Projects Management

  • Mobile-First, Responsive Design
  • Agile Development & Scrum


In addition to being a programmer, I like to be with my friends, listen to my good old Rock and Roll, Watch Football, Play Guitar, play Magic: The gathering, and of course, Coffee!


Besides being a programmer, I contribute with some personal projects or in groups

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Providing to the IT community a space for knowledgement sharing, experiences and learning.

The Magic of Vue.js

A counter to count lifepoints during a magic:The gathering match using vue.js

My apps

Som dos Bichos

Toque na imagem de qualquer bicho para ouvir o som que ele faz!

Baixe já para Android !
Contador do Mago

Utiliário para contabilizar os pontos de vidas de um jogador de Magic durante a partida.

Baixe já o Contador do Mago !
Alcool ou Gasosa ?

Utilitário para lhe auxiliar na hora de abastecer o seu carro.

Baixe já o Alcool ou Gasoa !

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